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Beastie Boys - Instrumentals: Make Some Noise, BBoys! [2LP]


Tracklist A1 It`s The New Style A2 No Sleep Till Brooklyn A3 Paul Revere A4 Hold It Now Hit It A5 Shake Your Rump A6 Egg Man A7 High Plains Drifter B1 Car Thief B2 Shadrach B3 Dub The Mic B4...



A1 It`s The New Style 
A2 No Sleep Till Brooklyn 
A3 Paul Revere 
A4 Hold It Now Hit It 
A5 Shake Your Rump 
A6 Egg Man 
A7 High Plains Drifter 
B1 Car Thief 
B2 Shadrach 
B3 Dub The Mic 
B4 Beastie Groove 
B5 So Wat`cha Want 
B6 Sure Shot 
C1 Root Down 
C2 The Scoop 
C3 Sabotage 
C4 Get It Together 
C5 Flute Loop 
C6 Bodhisattva Vow 
C7 Intergalactic 
C8 Ch-Check It Out 
D1 An Open Letter To NYC 
D2 Make Some Noise 
D3 Triple Trouble 
D4 Too Many Rappers 
D5 Sabotage (Acapella) 
D6 So What`cha Want (Acapella) 
D7 Intergalactic Fast (Acapella) 
D8 Intergalactic Slow (Acapella)

An outstanding double LP compiling the best instrumentals of the greatest white rap group ever: the Beastie Boys