Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up [LP]




A1 B For My Name 
A2 14th St. Break 
A3 Suco De Tangerina 
A4 The Gala Event 
A5 Electric Worm 
A6 Freaky Hijiki 
B1 Off The Grid 
B2 The Rat Cage 
B3 The Melee 
B4 Dramastically Different 
B5 The Cousin Of Death 
B6 The Kangaroo Rat

Another great release by the B-Boys which will stand the test of time yet be dismissed and criticized by those who insist on comparing it to previous releases. Everyone NOW says how great "Paul's Boutique", and "The In Sounds From Way Out" are, (and I agree - from day one) however, when first released THOSE were criticized for not being like previous B-Boy releases. It's unfortunate that the decline of an artist is often related to the public's inability to accept that true artists must try new things to grow and evolve. Repetition is nothing new.

You can hear how much fun the guys had recording this. It's a funky, fresh release. It's great chill out music. Buy "The Mix-Up" now; you won't regret it. Plus, you'll enjoy and appreciate it long before the Johnny-come-latelys come around and start singing its praises!