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The Budos Band - The Budos Band II [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Chicago Falcon A2 Budos Rising A3 Ride Or Die A4 Mas O Menos A5 Adeniji B1 King Cobra B2 My Girl B3 Origin Of Man B4 Scorpion B5 Deep In The Sand The Budos Band is an...



A1 Chicago Falcon 
A2 Budos Rising 
A3 Ride Or Die 
A4 Mas O Menos 
A5 Adeniji

B1 King Cobra 
B2 My Girl 
B3 Origin Of Man 
B4 Scorpion 
B5 Deep In The Sand

The Budos Band is an instrumental band recording on the Daptone Records label. The band has nine members (with occasional guests) who on their first studio albums, played instrumental music that was self-described as "Afro-Soul," a term and sound which - in a 2007 interview - baritone saxophone player Jared Tankel elucidated as being drawn from Ethiopian music the band had been listening to that had a soul undercurrent to it, which the band then "sprinkled a little bit of sweet 60's stuff on top" of. Since this time, the band has moved toward playing what they refer to as "70's Psychedelic Instrumental Music."

Jazz, deep funk, Afro-beat, soul and heavy-metal influences can be heard in the Budos Band recordings, all of which were released on Daptone Records and recorded at the label's own studio, Daptone's House of Soul, in Brooklyn, New York. Though they reside in Brooklyn The Budos Band have toured most of North America, Several countries in Europe and parts of Australia.