The Bubble Net

THE BUBBLE NET creates a rich, high-volume lather when used together with THE FACE WASH. Elevate your skincare routine and enjoy the velvety bubbles.​

      Lightly wet THE BUBBLE NET, then squeeze THE FACE WASH onto the net. Create foam by adding small amounts of water while rubbing the net with your hands. Continue until the foam is rich and smooth. Use your hands to apply the foam to your face or body.​​
      Q: Is there a trick to making the lather with THE BUBBLE NET?
      A: Moisten THE BUBBLE NET with warm water and apply THE FACE WASH or THE BODY WASH. Gently massage the product into the net until bubbles start to form. Gradually add small amounts of water while continuously rubbing the net in a circular motion; this will make the lather more dense and voluminous. Repeat these steps and in a short period of time you will have a rich, dense lather for the optimum face-washing experience.