The Skincare Gift Box

THE SKINCARE GIFT BOX covers the key essentials of any skincare routine: cleansing, hydrating, and moisurising. Keep your routine simple with 3, easy to use products featuring natural ingredients such as clay minerals, fruit extracts, and Japanese Onsen water. The perfect gift for any man seeking to start or simplify his skincare routine.

        1. Use THE FACE WASH and THE BUBBLE NET to form a voluminous lather and use it to cleanse the face of dirt and excess oil.

        2. Pour a small amount of THE TONER into your palm and gently massage into your skin to ensure optimum hydration. Apply generously the areas prone to dryness.

      3. Squeeze a cherry-sized amount of THE LOTION and gently massage into the skin to lock in moisture. Apply generously the areas prone to dryness.​​
      THE SKINCARE GIFT BOX includes BULK HOMME’s 3 step skincare program: THE FACE WASH with THE BUBBLE NET, THE TONER, and THE LOTION.