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The Cactus Channel - Wooden Boy [LP]


Tracklist: 1 Who Is Walt Druce? 4:002 Wooden Boy (Part 1) 4:323 Jorge Buccio 3:444 Wooden Boy (Part 3) 3:115 Laika 4:516 How Did This Happen 4:167 X-Ray Bear 3:548 Bison...



1 Who Is Walt Druce? 4:00
2 Wooden Boy (Part 1) 4:32
3 Jorge Buccio 3:44
4 Wooden Boy (Part 3) 3:11
5 Laika 4:51
6 How Did This Happen 4:16
7 X-Ray Bear 3:54
8 Bison Slide 4:35
9 Did Everyone Meet Siadon That Night? 3:33
10 Black Flag And Lady Bountiful 5:20

The Cactus Channel can not be tuned in, but it can turn you on with a enchanting sort of jazz meets funk meets blues meets mildly experimental jams, that will lay you back with reverb drenched guitars, haunting drums, and a plethora of other instruments [including synthesizers, organ, horns, and tape delays] along with unidentified sounds that blend together in a most intoxicating pleasant and exotic manner, one that is sure to slap a happy smile across your face.

There’s much we'd love to tell you about this band, but we fear that in doing so we may discourage you from exploring what they have to offer and what these young cats have to offer is very very good. If you know their previous release “Haptics,” then you’re going to find “Wooden Boy” to be a collection of songs that folds together in a much darker manner, representing what the band calls “an evolution of sound.” The fact that this is a ten piece outfit, so the ability to find structure and guidance within such a large grouping would seem to prove no easy task. But don’t go telling Cactus Channel that, ‘cause they’ll jump right back by telling you that their guidance comes from old school jazz and funk influences, and that if one follows their trail, it’s sure to lead to something great. As to the process being easy, will tell you it’s all about the love of the music.