Sold out


Sick Of You 
A1 Sick Of You 3:18 
B1 Italian Guy 3:11

Mustache Man (Wasted) 
A1 Mustache Man (Wasted) 4:04 
B1 The Federal Funding March 3:36

Long Time 
A1 Long Time 4:36 
B1 Teenage Pregnancy 2:41

Bound Away 
A1 Bound Away 3:25 
B1 Got To Move 3:40

The Winter 
A1 The Winter 4:06 
B1 Easy To Crash 4:08

What's Now Is Now 
A1 What's Now Is Now 3:37 
B1 Huge Misunderstanding 2:38

Showroom of Compassion is the sixth full-length studio album from the band Cake, which was released on January 11, 2011. Produced by the band, it is the band's first studio album to be independently released. The musical style of Showroom of Compassion is grounded in the band's unique style of alternative rock, combining droll, often esoteric lyrics rife with word play and syncopation, catchy distorted guitar riffs, complex bass patterns, Moog, and prominent use of trumpet. Cake's former lead guitarist, Greg Brown, makes a guest appearance on the song, "Bound Away", his first appearance on a Cake album since 1996's Fashion Nugget. 

The album was the band's first since the release of Pressure Chief in 2004, the longest gap to date between two consecutive Cake studio albums. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 for one week, becoming the band's first album to do so. The album's first single, "Sick of You", reached #13 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart.