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Calibro 35 - Traditori Ditutti [LP]


Tracklist: 1 Prologue 3:242 Giulia Mon Amour 3:373 Stainless Steel 3:424 One Hundred Guests 4:095 Mescaline 6 2:406 The Butcher's Bride 2:577 Vendetta 3:268 You Filthy Bastards! 2:589 Traitors 3:5410 Two...



1 Prologue 3:24
2 Giulia Mon Amour 3:37
3 Stainless Steel 3:42
4 One Hundred Guests 4:09
5 Mescaline 6 2:40
6 The Butcher's Bride 2:57
7 Vendetta 3:26
8 You Filthy Bastards! 2:58
9 Traitors 3:54
10 Two Pills In The Pocket 2:47
11 Miss Livia Ussaro 3:00
12 Annoying Repetitions 4:45

"Traditori di Tutti" "Betrayers" the new album by Italian crime funk heros Calibro 35. The album street date is 21 October and is available in all the best stores around the globe on CD, LP, Digi and limited edition 45. A super limited trasparent LP edition is also be available at RK's Bandcamp. There's one thing that Italians do better than others, funky soundtracks. Quentin Tarantino knows best: soundtracks from Italian movies of the '60s and the '70s are the THING! "Calibro 35 does with music what Tarantino does with films". They borrow what they love and they make it their own. With Rolling Stone Magazine words "Calibro 35 are the most fascinating, "retro-maniac" and genuine thing, that happened to Italy in the last years", think at The Budos Band that meets Goblin and expect great things!

"Sounds like the soundtrack to an experimental Italian horror movie, pure lysergic library jazz… super cool!” Jazzman Gerald (Jazzman Record UK) | "An absolute delight!" Jazz Thing Magazine DE | "Damn! These guys just keep getting better and better with each new release and have found a fuzzy funky space that's all their own!" Dusty Groove USA