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Chuck Berry - The London Chuck Berry Sessions [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Let's Boogie  3:13  A2 Mean Old World  5:58  A3 I Will Not Let You Go  2:49  A4 London Berry Blues  5:56  A5 I Love You  3:26  B1 Reelin' And Rockin'  7:10  B2 My Ding-A-Ling  11:52  B3...



A1 Let's Boogie  3:13  
A2 Mean Old World  5:58  
A3 I Will Not Let You Go  2:49  
A4 London Berry Blues  5:56  
A5 I Love You  3:26  
B1 Reelin' And Rockin'  7:10  
B2 My Ding-A-Ling  11:52  
B3 Johnny B. Goode (& Closing)  4:38 

Like Coke and Cadillacs, Chuck is the real thing and always will be! Unfortunately there hasn't been many live recordings that truly capture the essence of the greatest Rock'n Roll artist ever. This album, however, gives you one side of how great the guy can work a room. If you listen closely you'll realize how much control Chuck has over his audience and that is simply due to the fact of how much he is loved.

He ROCKS the house, and at the same time he is incredibly charming -- and it is clear that he has developed a special bond with the entire venue!! So that by the time Chuck Berry has played his last note of the show, leaving the thousands of young fans chanting "We want Chuck! We want Chuck!" -- it is absolutely hilarious to hear the concert promoters trying to plead with the crowd to leave the building. They even threaten to cancel the Pink Floyd concert! "We don't get a Pink Floyd concert if you don't leave the place -- it's as simple as that!!! THIS IS THE MANAGEMENT!!!"