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A1 We Were Aborted 3:09 
A2 Cheat On Me 3:24 
A3 We Share The Same Skies 3:15 
A4 City Of Bugs 6:21 
A5 Hari Kari 3:44 
A6 Last Years Snow 3:35
B1 Emasculate Me 3:35 
B2 Ignore The Ignorant 3:18 
B3 Save Your Secrets 4:29 
B4 Nothing 3:49 
B5 Victim Of Mass Production 4:08 
B6 Stick To Yr Guns 5:06

Ignore the Ignorant found release on 7 September 2009 as the fourth studio album by British indie rock band The Cribs via Wichita Recordings, following the release of first single 'Cheat on Me' on 31 August. Warner Bros. Records released the album one day later on 8 September in North America as a digital download, then given a physical outlet later in the year on 10 November.