1 x Dear Barber Styling Product 
(Shaping Cream)
1 x Dear Barber Shampoo Travel size
1 x Dear Barber Conditioner Travel size

Dear Barber Shampoo is designed to boost the condition of male hair, it also increases volume and movement. Your hair will become more manageable, soft to the touch and with an excellent sheen. The perfect compliment to the Dear Barber range of male hair styling and facial hair grooming products.

This male focussed Dear Barber hair conditioner features an anti-static formula, perfect for great professional salon and barbering results. Smooth damage hair and improve texture, the Dear Barber Conditioner dramatically improves the look and feel of hair by providing a protective layer to keep in moisture. The perfect compliment to the Dear Barber range of male hair styling and facial hair grooming products.


Dear Barber Shaping Cream gives flexible hold to both textured and smooth styles, for a soft, 'product free' feel. Suitable for coarse and heavy hair.

All Dear Barber products are manufactured and produced in the UK.



  • comes carefully packaged with a selection of hand-picked items
  • all ideal for maintaining and creating slick & trendy hair styles.


  • Dear Barber Shaping Cream
  1. provides natural and flexible holdability
  2. the cream’s effective softening action gives sleek refinement to even the most coarse and thick hair
  3. incredibly thick for a grease-free cream of its type and instils hair with volume alongside its texture-granting abilities
  4. ensures a reasonable hold with staying power is achieved despite possessing full flexibility.
  • Dear Barber Shampoo Travel
  1. increases the hairs natural volume and flexibility
  2. cleanses and freshens the hair shaft and scalp enabling the hair to style easily
  3. also suitable for your beard
  4. enriched with Dear Barber’s invigorating signature fragrance, this shampoo cleanses and improves manageability of hair and beards, taming flyaways with theirr antistatic formula and giving a healthy sheen
  • Dear Barber Conditioner Travel
  1. is great for all head or facial hair in need of nourishment.
  2. helps to create a protective layer on the hair that helps to seal in moisture to the hair follicle.
  3. boosts hair's condition and reduces static
  4. softens and improves the texture of dry or damaged hair with a protective layer sealing moisture inside the hair follicle and leaves hair with a healthy sheen.
  • apply a generous amount of Dear Barber Shampoo into the palm of the hands and massage into wet hair.
  • use fingertips to massage the foam into the scalp and then rinse.
  • wash the hair twice and apply Dear Barber Conditioner for the best results.
  • rub Dear Barber Shaping Cream into the palms of the hands.
  • spread evenly through dry hair to cover the hair’s natural fall and movement.
  • apply from root to tip to define shape.
  • can also be used on wet hair to protect against heat treatments creating a smooth, hydrated look to the ends of dry hair.