Dear Barber - Shaping Cream, 100ml



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Shaping cream | 100ml


Dear Barber Shaping Cream (100ml) gives your male clients flexible hair hold to both textured and smooth styles, for a soft, 'product-free' feel. Ideal for coarse and heavy hair, which can ordinarily be a challenge. A great male grooming product.



  • provides natural and flexible holdability
  • the cream’s effective softening action gives sleek refinement to even the most coarse and thick hair
  • incredibly thick for a grease-free cream of its type and instils hair with volume alongside its texture-granting abilities
  • ensures a reasonable hold with staying power is achieved despite possessing full flexibility.


  • rub product into the palms of the hands
  • spread evenly through dry hair to cover the hair’s natural fall and movement.
  • apply from root to tip to define shape.
  • can also be used on wet hair to protect against heat treatments creating a smooth, hydrated look to the ends of dry hair.

Other products:

Dear Barber Matiifier creates seperation with a matte finish. A strong, yet flexible hold gives immediate grab, whilst thickening hair's appearance.

Dear Barber Pomade is perfect for a medium smooth hold with a high shine and flexibility. Controls even curly or frizzy hair.

Dear Barber Fibre provides a strong, long-lasting hold. The mega-elastic fibre technology shapes and scultps hair to support even extreme styles.

All Dear Barber products are manufactured and produced in the UK.