Dear Barber - Shave Oil, 30ml


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Shave oil | 30ml


Dear Barber Shave Oil (30ml) will make your skin soft to the touch thanks to the included almond, grape seed and tea tree oils which deeply nourish. Improves razor glide for a smooth finish. The perfect compliment to the Dear Barber Hair Styling range. For the modern man.



  • rich in almond, grape seed and tea tree oils to help soften your facial hair.
  • reduces shaving irritation and leaves skin soft to the touch.
  • non-greasy formula improves razor glide for a smoother finish.



  • pre-soften your skin with warm water and leave skin slightly damp.
  • rub a couple of drops of the Shaving oil onto your palms and massage gently into your skin in a circular motion.
  • leave the coarsest hair last, giving it time to soften.
  • shave with short strokes in the direction of the hair growth.