The Derby Shaving Soap quickly generates a thick and plentiful shaving cushion to cover each individual hair and provide a close, clean shave without skin irritations. It will leave your skin moisturised, refreshed and invigorated. 
NOTE: If you shave regularly we recommend you to lather on a seperate bowl. Trust us, the soap last longer.

  1. Clean soapy scent
  2. Modest lather
  3. Lots of glide and cushion
  4. Moisturises skin
  5. Made in Turkey
INGREDIENTS: Potassium tallowate, potassium cocoate, stearic acid, sodium palm kernelate, aqua disodium distrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CL77891, paraffinum liquidum, parfum, geraniol, benzyl alcohol, linalool, glycerin