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The Distillers - Sing Sing Death House [LP]




Sick Of It All  3:10  
I Am A Revenant  3:28  
Seneca Falls  3:01  
The Young Crazed Peeling  3:16  
Sing Sing Death House  1:43  
Bullet & The Bullseye  1:12  
City Of Angels  3:29  
Young Girl  2:42  
Hate Me  1:10  
Desperate  1:22  
I Understand  1:47  
Lordy Lordy  2:19

On The Distillers' second album, they perfected their hardcore punk sound. The combination of Brody Dalle's raspy, guttural voice, Ryan Sinn's breakneck bass lines, and Andy Granelli's rapid drumming form the perfection that is attained by this album.

Clocking in at a mere 29 minutes, this has to be one of the most furious albums in the history of punk rock. Brody was blessed with one of the most powerful voices we've ever heard. 
'Sing Sing Death House' has much to offer and can very much appeal to even the most honorable 'Junior High punk rock' nazi.