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Dungen - II [Vinyl LP]



With their second album Dungen moved from a sound deeply rooted in Swedish folk music towards more psychedelia and 70's pop. This missing link between their sparse debut and world wide break through Ta Det Lugnt moves through 60's and 70's prog, psych, pop and folk with soaring flutes, woodsy violins, wicked fuzz guitars and frenetic jazz-drums. The record was originally released in 2002 under the name Stadsvandringar and a slightly different version got a very limited vinyl release as Dungen 2II collects all tracks from Stadsvandringar and Dungen 2 as well as a single-track never available on vinyl all remastered by the original producer Mattias GlavDungen's music has expanded sonic boundaries all through the 2000s and II lets you explore both the butterfly light side as well as the heavier introspective aspects of a groundbreaking, yet retrospective band.

  1. Stadsvandringar
  2. Har du vart‘ i Stockholm?
  3. Solen stiger upp del 1 & del 2
  4. Stock och sten
  5. Sol och regn
  6. Fest
  7. Natten blir dag
  8. Andra sidan sjön
  9. Stadsvandringar del 2
  10. Vem vaktar lejonen?
  11. Krona
  12. Ät det som växer
  13. Om du vore en nattfjäril