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Edwin Jagger - Diffusion 72 Series - Double Edge Safety Razor, Green, Chrome Plated, Feather Blade



Safety (DE) Razor | Edwin Jagger Diffusion 72 Series

Green | Chrome Plated | Feather Blade

Made In UK

TThe Edwin Jagger diffusion collection combines the latest technology with traditional hand finishing techniques to produce elegant and contemporary shaving accessories. Balance and shape ensure reassuring and rewarding shaving experiences daily.

Closed comb style razors are the most popular type of double edge safety razor on the market. Closed comb refers to the fact the safety bar, aside from potentially having small grooves running along it, is relatively straight. This feature offers what is referred to as a ‘mild’ shave, one that restricts blade exposure but still offers a close and precise shave. The milder shave achieved makes it the perfect choice for those new to using a DE and the go-to for daily shaving for new and experienced shavers alike.

This double edge safety razor is fitted with the classic Edwin Jagger DE Head, which has been popular amongst the wet shaving community for many years. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and finished with a high-quality chrome plate. It has an excellent reputation for the expert level of shaving it achieves.

The contemporary, lightweight handle is crafted using a specially selected green polyester material and finished off with a gleaming bright chrome trim, giving it a smart and attractive appearance.

When used with a quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close, comfortable, and satisfying shave.

All Edwin Jagger products are finished off with a thorough quality check and packed securely in attractive Edwin Jagger packaging, allowing for safe and secure delivery.

  • 1 x Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor
  • 1 x Feather Hi-Stainless DE Safety Razor Blade
  • Classic Edwin Jagger DE Head
  • Popular With Beginners And Experienced Shavers Alike
  • Close And Comfortable Shave
  • Handle Length - 90mm
  • Overall Length - 103mm
  • Weight - 62g