Edwin Jagger - English Shaving Brush, Light Horn, Best Badger

$56.00 – $103.00

Overall height 86mm / 3.4 inches
Handle height 42mm / 1.65 inches
Handle diameter 30mm / 1.2 inches
Knot size 19mm

Overall height 99mm (3.9 inches)
Handle height 46mm (1.8 inches)
Handle diameter 33mm (1.3 inches)
Knot size 21mm

Overall height 105mm (4.1 inches)
Handle height 51mm (2 inches)
Handle diameter 36mm (1.4 inches)
Knot size 23mm

Edwin Jagger Imitation Horn Best Badger Shaving Brush

This Edwin Jagger Light Horn Best Badger Shaving Brush will create a rich shaving lather when used with quality shaving cream or soap

The brushes are hand made in Sheffield using finest, highly polished Imitation Horn polyester material and are filled with best badger hair. Best badger is a great choice for those wet shavers with strong hair growth or who prefer a firmer lathering sensation.

- Excellent quality Best Badger Hair
- Perfect for any wet shaver
- Firm lathering sensation

- Soak Shave brush in warm water
- On clean and dry skin, apply pre-shave oil/lotion to area to be shaved
- Using the pre-soaked shave brush, gently shake off excess water, lather a small amount of shave cream in shave mug / palms
(or directly on the area to be shaved)
- Spread lather onto area to be shaved
- Shave with preferred choice of razor
- Rinse skin with clean water, dry with towel
- Apply after shave lotion / splash / balm

After use the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and hung to dry in a suitable stand.

Do not use brush with shaving oil. Shaving brush should be used to apply on top of pre shave oil and not in direct contact with the oil.