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Foster The People - Supermodel [LP]

Foster The People - Supermodel [LP]

Foster The People

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1. Are You What You Want To Be 
2. Ask Yourself 
3. Coming Of Age 
4. Nevermind 
5. Pseudologia Fantastica 
6. The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones 
7. Best Friend 
8. A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon 
9. Goats In Trees 
10. The Truth 
11. Fire Escape 
12. Tabloid Super Junky

It's a love/hate album but if you liked their first album: Supermodel. Lets just say this 2nd album doesn't try to duplicate the style and feel of the first album.

It goes for something new, yet still keeps to the spirit of the band. Just on the very first listen it is catchy and it grips. The music moves, changes and foster variation in delightful, unexpected ways, keeping you on your toes. Or for some of you (we know theres haters), Best Friend might just open you up a little for FTP.

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