Fuzz - Fuzz [LP]


Tracklist:A1 Earthen Gate 5:01A2 Sleigh Ride 3:12A3 What's In My Head? 3:55A4 Hazemaze 5:50B1 Loose Sutures 6:13B2 Preacher 2:21B3 Raise 3:43B4 One 6:06 Fuzz is the San Francisco hard rock trio...



A1 Earthen Gate 5:01
A2 Sleigh Ride 3:12
A3 What's In My Head? 3:55
A4 Hazemaze 5:50
B1 Loose Sutures 6:13
B2 Preacher 2:21
B3 Raise 3:43
B4 One 6:06

Fuzz is the San Francisco hard rock trio featuring Ty Segall on drums and vocals, but Charles Moothart's riffs and guitar solos are the main event. That said, this album finds strength in the loud, jam-centric prowess of all three dudes playing together.

Ultimately, it's an album that would benefit from a few more sonically diverse moments like that one or the quiet sprawl of Fuzz's opening stretch. The band is obviously very good at delivering infectious hooks with muscle and soul, but those moments only pop if there's a control in place to offset the heavier stuff. Otherwise, the record becomes one big mass of fuzzy low-end guitars and occasional solos. Fuzz consistently run the risk of noodling for a bit too long or pushing one idea a little too far. It's tricky to balance loud and quiet, and Fuzz are still finding their footing. They thrive when they're locked into a sturdy, well-constructed groove like "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" (which, as a stand-alone 7", is the band's best release to date). But in Fuzz's 36 minutes, Segall, Moothart, and Cosio find several satisfyingly stoned, overwhelmingly powerful hooks. That's a good place to start.