Ghostpoet - Some Say I So I Say Light [2LP]


Tracklist: A1 Cold Win A2 Them Waters A3 Dial Tones B1 Plastic Bag Brain B2 Thymethymethyme B3 Meltdown C1 Sloth Trot C2 Dorsal Morsel D1 Msi Musmid D2 12 Deaf D3 Comatose CD-1 Cold Win 3:17CD-2 Them Waters...

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A1 Cold Win 
A2 Them Waters 
A3 Dial Tones

B1 Plastic Bag Brain 
B2 Thymethymethyme 
B3 Meltdown

C1 Sloth Trot 
C2 Dorsal Morsel

D1 Msi Musmid 
D2 12 Deaf 
D3 Comatose

CD-1 Cold Win 3:17
CD-2 Them Waters 5:02
CD-3 Dial Tones 5:31
CD-4 Plastic Bag Brain 4:35
CD-5 Thymethymethyme 3:45
CD-6 Meltdown 5:06
CD-7 Sloth Trot 6:42
CD-8 Dorsal Morsel 5:18
CD-9 Msi Musmid 4:09
CD-10 12 Deaf 5:29
CD-11 Comatose 4:54

Some Say I So I Say Light is the second studio album by British singer Ghostpoet. It was released on May 6, 2013.