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Goldfinger - Hang-Ups [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Superman A2 My Head A3 If Only A4 The Lonely Place A5 20¢ Goodbye A6 Question A7 Disorder B1 Carlita B2 Too Late B3 I Need To Know B4 Authority B5 S.M.P. B6 The Last Time B7 Chris Cayton B8 It Isn't...



A1 Superman 
A2 My Head 
A3 If Only 
A4 The Lonely Place 
A5 20¢ Goodbye 
A6 Question 
A7 Disorder

B1 Carlita 
B2 Too Late 
B3 I Need To Know 
B4 Authority 
B5 S.M.P. 
B6 The Last Time 
B7 Chris Cayton 
B8 It Isn't Just Me 
B9 Chicken McNuggets

Hang-Ups, Goldfinger's second album on Mojo Records, was released September 9, 1997. Many of the album's tracks feature more of a ska sound than their debut. The album's first single "This Lonely Place" was not as successful as "Here in Your Bedroom", a single off their debut album, but it did gain them numerous talk show appearances and spins of the video, which parodies the 1979 film Alien.