1. Warning
2. Blood, Sex And Booze
3. Church On Sunday
4. Fashion Victim
5. Castaway
6. Misery
7. Deadbeat Holiday
8. Hold On
9. Jackass
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. Macy's Day Parade

So, this was one of the lesser known, or cared for, Green Day albums. But, I think it is a very great album.

We know it's an uncommon opinion, but we actually find that "Warning:" is Green Day's finest hour. Although it doesn't have a certain slacker charm that made "Dookie" identify with the masses, that's okay because the group got older. Whereas "nimrod." was the group experimenting outside of punk, somewhat unfocused. However, they totally took a swing with the right direction on "Warning:"

The blood,sex and booze in Blood,Sex And Booze, the hope in Misery, Zero's death (really did die in the dryer) in Deadbeat Holiday and the closing fader, Macy's Day Parade, Green Day move from teenage angst and pure uncontrollable attitude, to the hard, mundane day to day life of a young adult overloaded with responsibility and bills to pay, and just trying to get by, living without warning.

All green and folky, Green Day live up to its name.