Hans Zimmer - The Classics [Vinyl 2LP]


The stunning new album The Classics features reimagined music from the world's most exciting film composer Hans Zimmer. For the first time, his bold and unmistakable music has been arranged for the world's greatest classical musicians, including Lang LangNigel Kennedy2CellosLindsey StirlingTill BrönnerAmy Dickson and more. Zimmer has an unrivaled history of iconic blockbuster hits and select pieces of his powerful and evocative scores for films like The Dark Knight RisesPirates of the CaribbeanGladiatorThe Lion KingInterstellarMan of Steel and Inception are heard here like never before. This incredible collection is a must-have for all fans of the most in-demand composer in Hollywood.
  1. The Dark Knight Rises: Main Theme
  2. Themes From Pirates Of The Caribbean
  3. Gladiator Rhapsody
  4. Crimson Tide: Main Theme
  5. Inception: Time
  6. The Lion King: This Land
  1. Gladiator: Now We Are Free
  2. Man Of Steel: Flight
  3. The Thin Red Line: Light
  4. Gladiator: The Battle Scene
  5. Inception: Mombasa
  6. Interstellar: The Docking Scene