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The Heavy - The Glorious Dead [2LP] (180G)



Track Listing: 

1 Can't Play Dead
2 Curse Me Good
3 What Makes a Good Man?
4 The Big Bad Wolf
5 Be Mine
6 Same Ol'
7 Just My Luck
8 The Lonesome Road
9 Don't Say Nothing
10 Blood Dirt Love Stop

Honestly, we got a little worried that the success of The House that Dirt Built would make the band a little complacent, and churn out something ultimately forgettable. They've proven us wrong and put out what is probably a better album musically. Still charging the same direction but with a new round of dirty funk and bluesy beats. Fast forward to third track "What makes a good man" and you will know why they call themselves The Heavy. A definite album to check out if you love their previous one.