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Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Army Of Pharoah - Tear It Down/Battlecry [12]




1. Tear It Down (Clean) 03:49
2. Tear It Down 03:49
3. Tear It Down (Instrumental) 03:51
4. Battle Cry (Clean) 06:05
5. Battle Cry 06:06
6. Battle Cry (Instrumental) 06:04

Featuring: Apathy (of Demigodz + Army Of The Pharaohs); Celph Titled; Chief Kamaci; Crypt The Warchild (of Outerspace); Des Devious; Esoteric (of Demigodz + Army Of The Pharaohs); King Syze (of Army Of The Pharaohs); Planetary (of Outerspace); Reef The Lost Cauze; Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mi); Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks)