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Jedi Mind Tricks - The Age Of Sacred Terror/Saviorself [12]




A1 The Age Of Sacred Terror (Clean) 
A2 The Age Of Sacred Terror (Dirty) 
A3 The Age Of Sacred Terror (Instrumental) 
B1 Saviorself (Clean) 
B2 Saviorself (Dirty) 
B3 Saviorself (Instrumental)

Following up upon the acclaimed 12 On The Eve of War featuring GZA/Genius of Wu-Tang Clan, Jedi Mind Tricks return with the agro-anthem The Age of Sacred Terror b/w Saviorself featuring Killah Priest. Consumer interest in Jedi Mind Tricks remains high exhibited by consistently strong 12 sales as well as impressively sustanined commercial receiption for the album Legacy of Blood. Boasting their first ever supportingvideo, The Age of Sacred Terror is an insane visual compliment to the ferocious sonic masterpiece sure to galvanize Jedi's existing fan constituency and further perpetuate their appeal amongst the aggro-punk indie demographic. For the first time ever, this long out-of-print single is available on special edition red vinyl.