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John Lennon - Imagine [LP]


Tracklist: 1. Imagine2. Crippled Inside3. Jealous Guy4. It's So Hard5. I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier6. Gimme Some Truth7. Oh My Love8. How Do You Sleep?9. How?10. Oh Yoko! The songs...



1. Imagine
2. Crippled Inside
3. Jealous Guy
4. It's So Hard
5. I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier
6. Gimme Some Truth
7. Oh My Love
8. How Do You Sleep?
9. How?
10. Oh Yoko!

The songs are simple to a fault but beautiful in their artistry. The songs here represent the hopes and fears and courage of a man unparalleled in recent history for his importance on the planet to young people FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. In many ways he was the King of Youth, a title he would have hated and certainly walked away from. On this record you get to hear all sides of this fascinating character of John in full swing; at times playful, scared, mean, sorrowful, idealistic, honest, sadly broken, and STILL HIGHLY inventive and incredibly sensitive.

What's vinyl collecting without John Lennon's masterpiece album, Imagine?