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Kiss - Love Gun [LP]


Tracklist: 1. I Stole Your Love  3:04  2. Christine Sixteen  2:52  3. Got Love For Sale  3:28  4. Shock Me  4:17  5. Tomorrow And Tonight  3:38  6. Love Gun  3:27  7. Hooligan  2:58  8. Almost Human  2:52  9. Plaster...



1. I Stole Your Love  3:04  
2. Christine Sixteen  2:52  
3. Got Love For Sale  3:28  
4. Shock Me  4:17  
5. Tomorrow And Tonight  3:38  
6. Love Gun  3:27  
7. Hooligan  2:58  
8. Almost Human  2:52  
9. Plaster Caster  2:30  
10. Then She Kissed Me  2:58 

The entire first half of Love Gun is much like Kiss' debut- is simply superb. Unlike the bands debut however, this material is MUCH louder due to cleaner production and perhaps a personal mission by the band members to make a statement that they can rock just as loud and heavy as anyone else. "I Stole Your Love" has an excellent verse melody and rocks exceptionally hard. "Christine Sixteen" is memorable mostly for the chorus. It's simplistic but works really well. Reminds me of Black Sabbath's "Rock and Roll Doctor" too. "Got Love For Sale" is awesome and seems like it may have influenced Van Halen a little bit since it reminds me of David Lee Roth's singing style. With 3 solid songs in a row, can it get better?

If you want to get a vibe for the 70's rock 'n' roll sound, this is it!