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Korn - Life Is Peachy [LP] (180G)


Track Listing: Side A1) Twist         2) Chi3) Lost           4) Swallow5) Porno Creep6) Good God7) Mr. Rogers Side B1) K@#Ø%!  2) No Place To Hide 3) Wicked4)...


Track Listing:

Side A
1) Twist         
2) Chi
3) Lost           
4) Swallow
5) Porno Creep
6) Good God
7) Mr. Rogers
Side B
1) K@#Ø%!  
2) No Place To Hide 
3) Wicked
4) A.D.I.D.A.S.
5) Lowrider
6) Ass Itch
7) Kill You

Import-only 180 gm vinyl LP pressing of this 1996 album from the Alternative Nu-Metal band. Life Is Peachy, their sophomore album, reached #3 on the Billboard charts and achieved platinum-selling status. With lyrics that reached out to many Post-Grunge teens backed up by a wall of heavy toned-down guitars and loud in your face Hip Hop drumming, Korn prepared themselves for a worldwide breakthrough that would happen soon after.