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Lightnin' Rod / Jimi Hendrix - Doriella Du Fontaine [12"]


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Side A
Doriella Du Fontaine

Side B 

This is an excellent item IF you like Jimi Hendrix and can appreciate him beyond a stereotypical black-light poster. If you only want all Voodoo Child all the time, this probably isn't for you; but if you want to see another side of his greatness and can appreciate this record as an early attempt at rap music, then this is a good pick up.
His playing isn't really inspired, but it does work in the spoken word context of the story, and at times does complement it a bit. NO distortion drenched solos, though. The excellent thing about this release is that it's so different from the usual Hendrix......but this could also be a turn-off for some. There's none of the "sound painting" of Electric Ladyland or the obsessive production of Axis Bold As Love. This single sounds to have more in common with Gil Scott Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".

Overall, this is a good early example of the street poetry that evolved into rap, along with some good instrumental backing from Jimi and Buddy. Younguns may want to listen to see how it's done right.