Mac DeMarco - Rock And Roll Night Club [LP]


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1. Rock And Roll Night Club    
2. 96.7 The Pipe    
3. Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans    
4. One More Tear To Cry    
5. European Vegas   
6. Only You *
7. 106.2 Breeze FM    
8. She's Really All I Need    
9. Moving Like Mike    
10. Me And Jon, Hanging On    
11. I'm A Man 
12. Me and Mine *

Expanded Edition plus bonus tracks*

Debut release from Canadian artist & former member of Makeout Videotape, Demarco's sultry, sensual, husky-whisper voice is the star here, as it projects a warm androgynous sleaziness that's enhanced by the sexual overtones of the lyrics. The music is pop-melody driven; with gentle, but somehow slutty, tremolo guitars. It's a gorgeously depraved, hypnotically embracing album.

It resulted from a weekend in which Mac was sick and cooped up in his apartment in Canada. He made a bunch of glam/punk songs and, at some point, became dissatisfied with the results.

So he did what few musicians would have the balls to do to their own songs; he slowed them down almost 50% (or so he claims). He then redubbed the vocals to fit the new tracks.

The result was this messy-but-beautiful and sincere gem of an album. If you are a music listener who isn't willing to give a strange album a chance, you might want to back away (and perhaps find a new hobby). But, if you aren't, buy this right now.