Madlib - Rock Konducta Part One [LP]


Accidentally Blank  A1 Untitled    A2 Untitled    A3 Untitled    A4 Untitled    A5 Untitled    A6 Untitled    A7 Untitled    A8 Untitled    A9 Untitled    A10 Untitled    A11 Untitled    A12 Untitled    A13 Untitled    We Forgot The Titles  B1 Untitled    B2 Untitled    B3 Untitled    B4 Untitled    B5 Untitled    B6 Untitled    B7 Untitled    B8 Untitled    B9 Untitled    B10 Untitled    B11 Untitled    B12 Untitled    B13 Untitled...


Accidentally Blank  
A1 Untitled    
A2 Untitled    
A3 Untitled    
A4 Untitled    
A5 Untitled    
A6 Untitled    
A7 Untitled    
A8 Untitled    
A9 Untitled    
A10 Untitled    
A11 Untitled    
A12 Untitled    
A13 Untitled    
We Forgot The Titles  
B1 Untitled    
B2 Untitled    
B3 Untitled    
B4 Untitled    
B5 Untitled    
B6 Untitled    
B7 Untitled    
B8 Untitled    
B9 Untitled    
B10 Untitled    
B11 Untitled    
B12 Untitled    
B13 Untitled

Rock Konducta is the fifth installment in Madlib s Beat Konducta series. Previous entries include: Beat Konducta : Movie Scenes, Beat Konducta: in India, Beat Konducta: Dil Cosby and Dil Withers Suites and Beat Konducta in Africa. Rock Konducta grabs its source material from various worldwide rock scenes from the 60s through the 80s, from American psychedelia to Germany s krautrock to acid-soaked Spanish prog to synthy, early-80s oddities. Tied together by Madlib s unique sensibility, these scenes coalesce into a new whole. Who knew that rock music sounded like this? Well, there s one obvious answer to that question.