Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib) - Madvillainy Remix [2LP]


Tracklist: A1 Pow 0:25A2 No Brain 2:08A3 Pearls 2:41A4 Light Of The Past 2:10A5 Boulder Holder 2:22A6 Borrowed Time 3:00 B1 Space Ho's Coast To Coast 3:41B2 Invazion (Interlude) 1:13B3 Drainos...



A1 Pow 0:25
A2 No Brain 2:08
A3 Pearls 2:41
A4 Light Of The Past 2:10
A5 Boulder Holder 2:22
A6 Borrowed Time 3:00

B1 Space Ho's Coast To Coast 3:41
B2 Invazion (Interlude) 1:13
B3 Drainos 3:27
B4 Fire In The Hole 2:35
B5 Heat Niner 1:38

C1 Monkey Suit 2:19
C2 Fluid (Instrumental) 1:21
C3 Cant Reform Em 1:57
C4 Redd Spot (Interlude) 0:44
C5 Running Around With Another 2:49
C6 Butter King Jewels 3:38

D1 Sermon 2:33
D2 Roller Coaster Rider (Instrumental) 1:33
D3 3.14 2:04
D4 Confucius Spot (Interlude) 0:21
D5 Never Go Pop 1:55
D6 Savage Beast (Instrumental) 1:22
D7 Cold One 3:06
D8 Cold One (Reprise) 0:46

Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix is a studio album by hip hop duo Madvillain. The album is a complete remix of their highly acclaimed debut album Madvillainy. According to Stones Throw Records, Madlib could not wait for the official sequel of Madvillainy to be released, so he chose to remix their debut album completely.

It has been released on the Stones Throw Records online store as a box set including the primary CD, a 7-inch vinyl of Madlib's remix of MF DOOM's "One Beer", "One Beer (Drunk Version)", a cassette tape containing an official demo of the Madvillainy leaked demo tape Are Madvillain, a T-shirt, a comic book continuing the "ALL CAPS" video, and the silver wrapped box.