Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct [2LP]


Track Listing: Side A1) Hardwired2) Atlas, Rise!3) Now That We're Dead Side B1) Moth Into Flame2) Am I Savage?3) Halo On Fire Side C1) Confusion2) Dream No More3) ManUNkind Side D1) Here Comes Revenge2)...

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Track Listing:

Side A
1) Hardwired
2) Atlas, Rise!
3) Now That We're Dead
Side B
1) Moth Into Flame
2) Am I Savage?
3) Halo On Fire
Side C
1) Confusion
2) Dream No More
3) ManUNkind
Side D
1) Here Comes Revenge
2) Murder One
3) Spit Out The Bone

Gatefold sleeve. 
180g marbled translucent red vinyl. Includes 2 printed inserts and digital Download. 
Some copies came with an extra poster.