The Meteors - Teenagers From Outer Space [LP]




1 Voodoo Rhythm
2 Maniac Rockers From Hell
3 My Daddy Is A Vampire
4 You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
5 Graveyard Stomp
6 Radioactive Kid
7 Leave Me Alone
8 Dog Eat Robot
9 Walter Mitty Blues
10 Just The Three Of Us
11 Blue Sunshine
12 Insight
13 Attack Of The Zorch Men
14 Jupiter Stroll

Teenagers From Outer Space is some kind of a Best Of album and features tracks from singles / EPs plus demos and two live tracks, broadcasted on French TV, all dated back to the Fenech / Lewis partnership from the years 1981/1982 including the complete Meteor Madness.

Fans of the band (known as the Wrecking Crew) are known to use the slogan "Only The Meteors are Pure Psychobilly", (often shortened to "OTMAPP")

This is another quintessential record for anybody who's seriously interested in THE METEORS and Psychobilly.