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The Monkees - The Monkees (Japan) [LP]




(Theme From) The Monkees  2:20  
Saturday's Child  2:44  
I Wanna Be Free  2:24  
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day  2:33  
Papa Jean's Blues  1:55  
Take A Giant Step  2:32  
Last Train To Clarksville  2:40  
This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day  2:08  
Let's Dance On  2:30  
I'll Be True To You  2:48  
Sweet Young Thing  1:54  
Gonna Buy Me A Dog  2:38 

The Monkees were more than Pop Music. They were a group "created" for television and how on earth did they win our hearts? Anyone listening to the flow on this album where every song belongs, will reach a new understanding of what they had. What they had was us. And they still do. This album contains some of the less repeated but best loved songs. Just reading through the song listings creates a cacophony of memories and the excitement that still is The Monkees. What a great sound to celebrate the day with!

If you only want one Monkees album for your collection, you'd probably want either a greatest hits collection or one of their later works. If you're a fan, completist, or collector of 1960s pop culture artifacts, then this album is a must-have.

This one is a '73 Japanese pressing with the wildly doddled paper sleeve for the record.