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Muse - Black Holes And Revelations [LP]


Tracklist:A1 Take A Bow A2 Starlight A3 Supermassive Black Hole A4 Map Of The Problematique A5 Soldier's Poem A6 Invincible B1 Assassin B2 Exo-Politics B3 City Of Delusion B4 Hoodoo B5 Knights Of Cydonia Black Holes and Revelations is the fourth...



A1 Take A Bow 
A2 Starlight 
A3 Supermassive Black Hole 
A4 Map Of The Problematique 
A5 Soldier's Poem 
A6 Invincible 
B1 Assassin 
B2 Exo-Politics 
B3 City Of Delusion 
B4 Hoodoo 
B5 Knights Of Cydonia

Black Holes and Revelations is the fourth studio album by English alternative rock band Muse, released on 3 July 2006 in the United Kingdom. It gets its title from a line in the song "Starlight", which is the second track on the album. Recording was split between New York and France, and it was the first time Muse had taken a more active role in the album's production. The album was a change in style from Muse's previous albums, and the band cited influences that included Depeche Mode, Millionaire, Lightning Bolt, Sly and the Family Stone, and music from southern Italy.

Black Holes and Revelations was placed at number 34 in a public vote conducted by Q Magazine for "The Best British Albums of all time" in February 2008.

Like their two previous albums, Black Holes and Revelations has political and science-fiction undertones, with the lyrics covering topics as varied as political corruption, alien invasion, revolution and New World Order conspiracies as well as more conventional love songs.