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Muse - Origin Of Symmetry [2LP]


Tracklist:A1 New Born A2 Bliss B1 Space Dementia B2 Hyper Music B3 Plug In Baby C1 Citizen Erased C2 Micro Cuts C3 Screenager D1 Darkshires D2 Feeling Good D3 Megalomania Origin of Symmetry is the second studio album by English alternative...



A1 New Born 
A2 Bliss 
B1 Space Dementia 
B2 Hyper Music 
B3 Plug In Baby 

C1 Citizen Erased 
C2 Micro Cuts 
C3 Screenager 
D1 Darkshires 
D2 Feeling Good 
D3 Megalomania

Origin of Symmetry is the second studio album by English alternative rock band Muse, released on 17 July 2001 by Mushroom Records and Taste Media. [1] The album was a critical and commercial success in the UK, it peaked at number 3 in the UK Albums Chart and was certified platinum. The title and theme for the album comes from a concept put forward by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku in his book Hyperspace.

On 26 and 28 August 2011, Muse designed and performed a special set at the Reading and Leeds Festivals to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Origin of Symmetry. The album was played from start to finish, marking the first time certain songs (such as "Darkshines" and "Hyper Music") had been played in several years.
Recording took place at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey and Real World Studio in Wiltshire, and additional recordings were made at David Gilmour's Astoria Studios, Richmond Studios and Abbey Road Studios in London and Sawmills Studio in Fowey, Cornwall. The album was mixed at Sawmills and mastered at Sony Music Studios in London. Origin of Symmetry was produced by David Bottrill, John Leckie (who previously worked on the band's first album, Showbiz) and the band themselves.

Origin of Symmetry is an alternative rock, hard rock, and space rock album. Songs like "New Born", "Plug In Baby", and "Bliss" were recorded with producer David Bottrill during the middle of touring in late 2000, in Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey. The songs were recorded within just a few days, so the band later had to re-master the songs with the help of John Cornfield after finishing with the Showbiz tour in order to make them suitable for an album release. The relatively stripped down nature of these songs helped to set a contrast for the recording of the rest of the album. "New Born", "Plug In Baby" and "Bliss" were seen as the "backbone of the album", with the other material being more experimental and ambitious. [citation needed]

The album was met with positive reviews. The BBC stated in their retrospective review that the album "shows a band with the drive and unfettered ambition to create a standalone marvel which not only awakens the ghosts and clichés from prog's pompous past, but entirely adds its own voice", adding that many elements of the band's later sound on albums such as Black Holes and Revelations could be traced back to this album. Q listed Origin of Symmetry as one of the best 50 albums of 2001.