Muse - Showbiz [2LP]


Tracklist:A1 Sunburn 3:54A2 Muscle Museum 4:23A3 Fillip 4:01B1 Falling Down 4:34B2 Cave 4:46B3 Showbiz 5:16C1 Unintended 3:57C2 Uno 3:38C3 Sober 4:04D1 Escape 3:31D2 Overdue 2:26D3 Hate This & I'll Love You...

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A1 Sunburn 3:54
A2 Muscle Museum 4:23
A3 Fillip 4:01
B1 Falling Down 4:34
B2 Cave 4:46
B3 Showbiz 5:16

C1 Unintended 3:57
C2 Uno 3:38
C3 Sober 4:04
D1 Escape 3:31
D2 Overdue 2:26
D3 Hate This & I'll Love You 5:09

Showbiz is the debut studio album by English alternative rock band Muse, released in the United Kingdom on 4 October 1999 through Mushroom Records. Recorded between April and May at RAK Studios and Sawmills Studio, respectively, the album was produced by John Leckie and Paul Reeve in conjunction with the band. Showbiz was a moderate commercial success, reaching number 29 on the UK Albums Chart.

Upon its release, the album received positive to mixed reviews from music critics, who saw the young band's potential, but were also quick to dismiss the album as promising yet derivative of other alternative rock bands of the 90s. Several critics drew comparisons to Radiohead, due to the fact that Showbiz was produced by John Leckie, who also worked on the aforementioned band's album The Bends.

The album has drawn a noticeably greater appreciation and following since its release however, as of 2009 the album was ranked in the top 20 British albums of the last 20 years by the UK edition of MSN. As well as this, several songs from the album appear to have had lasting appeal among fans, such as the title track, which was one of the band's most requested songs during The Resistance Tour in 2010, when the band staged a fan vote for songs to be played during that tour's stadium leg. [13] The song was not played; however, Unintended and Cave were played several times throughout the tour, with Sunburn being introduced during later performances of the tour. Falling Down was also played during The 2nd Law World Tour in 2012. Once again, songs from Showbiz such as Sunburn and Muscle Museum were reintroduced to their concerts in 2015 and 2016.