Mutemath - Odd Soul [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Odd Soul 3:15A2 Prytania 4:13A3 Blood Pressure 3:04A4 Tell Your Heart Heads Up 2:53A5 All Or Nothing 4:50A6 Sun Ray 1:52 B1 Allies 3:14B2 Cavalries 3:28B3 Walking Paranoia 3:05B4...



A1 Odd Soul 3:15
A2 Prytania 4:13
A3 Blood Pressure 3:04
A4 Tell Your Heart Heads Up 2:53
A5 All Or Nothing 4:50
A6 Sun Ray 1:52

B1 Allies 3:14
B2 Cavalries 3:28
B3 Walking Paranoia 3:05
B4 One More 5:00
B5 Equals 3:29
B6 Quarantine 7:02
B7 In No Time 4:53

Odd Soul is the third full-length release from New Orleans group Mutemath. The album was released by Teleprompt Records and Warner Bros. Records on October 4, 2011. It is the first album without original guitarist Greg Hill. Bassist Roy Mitchell Cardenas filled in on guitar duties during writing and recording. The album was recorded at Paul Meany's house in New Orleans with no involvement by record company executives. In various interviews band members stated that the process of creating the album was very collaborative with all members playing guitar.