Various Artists - Nippon Girls 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'N' Roll 1966-70 [LP]


Track Listings1. Bazazz No. 1 - Kayoko Ishuu2. Saike Na Machi - Reiko Mari3. Furi Furi 5 - Linda Yamamoto4. Daniel Mon Amour - Mari Henmi5. Koi Gurui - Chiyo Okumura6....


Track Listings
1. Bazazz No. 1 - Kayoko Ishuu
2. Saike Na Machi - Reiko Mari
3. Furi Furi 5 - Linda Yamamoto
4. Daniel Mon Amour - Mari Henmi
5. Koi Gurui - Chiyo Okumura
6. Namida No Go Go - Emy Jackson & Blue Comet
7. Mini Mini Girl - Katsuko Kanai
8. Boy & Girl - Akiko Wada
9. Watashi Ga Kemeko Yo - Kemeko Matsudaira
10. Namida No Mori No Monogatari - Akiko Nakamura
11. Tokyo No Hito - the Peanuts
12. Warui Kuse - Kazumi Yasui

A companion to Ace/Big Beat's 2009 Nippon Girls collection, Nippon Girls, Vol. 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock 'n' Roll is the equal to its predecessor, digging up 24 aggressively stylish tracks cut in the back half of the '60s. There may be a temptation to dismiss this as the province of camp, both in its creation and Western consumption, but Nippon Girls, Vol. 2 feels fresh due to familiar elements shuffled around and reassembled in startling ways.

This is nearly cut-and-paste pop, with go-go beats married to call-and-response vocals, a slow jazz vamp that takes a sudden sunshine pop detour on the chorus, surf rock given a diva makeover, a Sir Douglas Quintet number that suddenly gets drenched in fuzz -- any number of unexpected combinations derived from these Japanese musicians' passion for American pop. Appropriately, any adventurous listeners with a thirst for the swinging sound of the '60s would be advised to give this comp a spin.