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Nomad Barber - Apfel, Hair Pomade



Possible Styles:
Smell Like:
Relaxing & Grounding

Inspired by the original recipe for pomade, apples are the German inspired core to this product.
It contains essential oils designed to keep your nerves calm and focus on point.
It is ideal for a range of looks from the classic side part, to the old school pompadour.
For the ultimate result, use on dry hair.

Looking for a product as fuss free as you?
Our Hair Pomade is an easy to use product that offers a superior hold alongside a medium to high shine. You’ll create a slick and groomed finish without looking greasy.

You’re in the right place Nomad.

Virgin coconut helps stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles and prickly pear packed with Amino Acids has good hold properties whilst softening, hydrating and moisturising the hair. Contains Essential Oils of precious woods frankincense and cedarwood

  • Virgin coconut/Cedarwood stimulates hair growth
  • Prickly Pear moisturises hair
  • Contains Frankincense essential oils for healthy scalp
  • Does not look greasy

  1. Take a 10 cent coin amount of product, spread in palms to soften
  2. Apply directly onto hair and spread evenly to coat the hair, working from the back of your head to the front
  3. Optional: Run a wide tooth comb or brush to quickly spread the product more evenly
  4. Add more product if required
  5. Using fingers or narrow tooth comb, style to desired shape