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Salt tonic
Made in UK

Stimulating & Invigorating

Inspired by the salt springs of the Atacama Desert, this versatile styling spray is the perfect pre-styling product to achieve a textured/groomed look.
Never to be underestimated, it is also ideal as a stand-alone product to create a loose, dishelved, beach inspired finish

Medium hold, low shine

Channel your inner Poseidon on the outside, Nomad. Atacama is a nourishing, medium hold styling spray containing maca root & spearmint.

Exercising the elements of the sea, it helps prepare your hair alone or in combination with your styling product of choice.

Contains Camphor, spearmint, coriander, magnolia maca root, lavender, sea salt.

- Nourishes the hair
- Can be used on its own or as a pre-styler
- Adds volume and texture 

- Spray directly onto hair 
- Run fingers through the hair to spread the tonic
- Proceed to use hairstyling product of your choice!