The Offspring - Ixnay On The Hombre [LP]


A1 Disclaimer 0:45A2 The Meaning Of Life 2:56A3 Mota 2:57A4 Me & My Old Lady 4:33A5 Cool To Hate 2:47A6 Leave It Behind 1:58A7 Gone Away 4:28A8 I Choose 3:54B1 Intermission...


A1 Disclaimer 0:45
A2 The Meaning Of Life 2:56
A3 Mota 2:57
A4 Me & My Old Lady 4:33
A5 Cool To Hate 2:47
A6 Leave It Behind 1:58
A7 Gone Away 4:28
A8 I Choose 3:54
B1 Intermission 0:48
B2 All I Want 1:54
B3 Way Down The Line 2:36
B4 Don't Pick It Up 1:53
B5 Amazed 4:25
B6 Change The World 6:23