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Outkast - Stankonia [2LP]


Tracklist: A1 Intro 1:10A2 Gasoline Dreams 3:35A3 I'm Cool (Interlude) 0:42A4 So Fresh, So Clean 4:00A5 Ms. Jackson 4:32A6 Snappin' & Trappin' 4:20A7 D.F. (Interlude) 0:27 B1 Spaghetti Junction 3:57B2 Kim...



A1 Intro 1:10
A2 Gasoline Dreams 3:35
A3 I'm Cool (Interlude) 0:42
A4 So Fresh, So Clean 4:00
A5 Ms. Jackson 4:32
A6 Snappin' & Trappin' 4:20
A7 D.F. (Interlude) 0:27

B1 Spaghetti Junction 3:57
B2 Kim & Cookie (Interlude) 1:13
B3 I'll Call Before I Come 4:18
B4 B.O.B. 5:04
B5 Xplosion 4:09
B6 Good Hair (Interlude) 0:15

C1 We Luv Deez Hoez 4:10
C2 Humble Mumble 4:51
C3 Drinkin' Again (Interlude) 0:24
C4 ? 1:29
C5 Red Velvet 3:54
C6 Cruisin' In The ATL (Interlude) 0:19

D1 Gangsta Sh*t 3:57
D2 Toilet Tisha 4:25
D3 Slum Beautiful 4:08
D4 Pre-Nump (Interlude) 0:27
D5 Stankonia (Stanklove) 6:51

Stankonia is the fourth studio album by American hip hop duo OutKast. It was released on October 31, 2000, by La Face Records. The album was recorded in the duo's recently purchased Atlanta recording facility Stankonia Studios, which allowed for fewer time and recording constraints, and featured production work from Earthtone III (a production team consisting of Outkast and Mr. DJ) and Organized Noise.