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Paramore - Brand New Eyes [LP]


Tracklist: 1. Careful 3:502. Ignorance 3:383. Playing God 3:024. Brick By Boring Brick 4:135. Turn It Off 4:196. The Only Exception 4:277. Feeling Sorry 3:058. Looking Up 3:299. Where The Lines...



1. Careful 3:50
2. Ignorance 3:38
3. Playing God 3:02
4. Brick By Boring Brick 4:13
5. Turn It Off 4:19
6. The Only Exception 4:27
7. Feeling Sorry 3:05
8. Looking Up 3:29
9. Where The Lines Overlap 3:18
10. Misguided Ghosts 3:01
11. All I Wanted 3:45

Bonus Track
12. Decode 4:22

Brooklyn based soul singer Nicole Willis came back with the Soul Investigators in this third album with a harder rock and blues edge.

The last album of Paramore's original five member lineup, Brand New Eyes, finds each member matured in all their talents creating a terrific third album that helped break their way into the mainstream without cutting themselves off from their roots. Hayley Williams' vocals are truly on display and only enhanced by the music on each track of the disc, a feat that wasn't entirely present in their first two albums.

Nearly half the tracks from the album were released as singles, but only three stand out as worth of the distinction. "The Only Exception" with melancholy lyrics and haunting vocals by Williams accompanied by acoustic guitars not only showed Paramore's versatility exploring a new musical theme while not losing themselves. "Brick by Boring Brick" features Paramore going energetic and dark creating a wonderful display of Williams' vocals and Jeremy Davis' bass. "Ignorance" gives off the feeling of 'classic' Paramore but only more advanced in their music and was the perfect first single off the album.

Brand New Eyes was not originally suppose to be the "end of an era" as it turned out to be with the Farro brothers leaving a year after the album's release. However in a way it seems like a fitting conclusion to the band's adolescent phase, so to speak, as the entire band matured from where they begin with All We Know is Falling to create an album that did not miss a beat on any track. Every song is "at worst" solid, but the vast majority are good to brilliant musical creations that grab the listener and keep you hooked for 40 minutes. Highly recommended.