The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Jumping On The Highwire [LP]


Tracklist: Side AA1 Party On The FarmA2 Big Things CallingA3 Where You BeenA4 Mother Of My MotherA5 The Great Unknown Side BB1 Bitchin' Betty LouB2 Watch 'Em RunB3 Something In The...



Side A
A1 Party On The Farm
A2 Big Things Calling
A3 Where You Been
A4 Mother Of My Mother
A5 The Great Unknown

Side B
B1 Bitchin' Betty Lou
B2 Watch 'Em Run
B3 Something In The Valley
B4 Why'd You Do That For
B5 Carper Catinach

Perch Creek are a band of five energetic multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, four of whom happen to be siblings. This Melbourne-based band play harmony driven roots music with a creative energy and fearless spirit that sparkles with imagination and individuality. With diverse instrumentation including guitar, double bass, keyboard, trombone, saw, banjo and tap dancing, Perch Creek combine five-part vocal harmonies with folk, roots and rock musical styles all threaded together by the band’s unique collaborative song writing. (Perch Creek Website)