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Quincy - Hair And Body Mist

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100ml / 3.38oz

Hair and Body Mist


Since the 1950s, alcohol water and hair tonics have been in use, to create a refreshing feeling and to aid barbers during their work of classic hair cuts. Over the years, the formula has advanced and usages have also increased making it a become a multi-purpose product that the modern gentleman can use, complementing their pomades and allowing them to smell fresh at the same time.

Potion No.008 was concocted by our chemists to simulate a fresh, ocean-cool scent, fusing with light semi-sweet citrus blend, a fragrance an out-going suave modern gentleman would use. Think David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum...Modern Suave

Usage Directions:
Hair Mist
  • Spray generously into slightly damp hair, spread with hand and comb evenly through, non-greasy and will not weigh hair down, restoring a healthy and natural-looking shine
  • Great to use for a nice and stimulating scalp/neck massage (you may store item in fridge to make cooler before use) aka works like a hair tonic
  • Perfect to use for a wet hair-cut
  • Used during the prestyling process before application of pomade for thermal protection and  to create volume and healthy bounce, along with brush and hair dryer blowing technique (low heat setting) Does not make hair sticky or heavy
  • As a finishing touch/topper, spray on hair for extra sheen and strength also to energize the  pomade in the hair
  • During the day, spray on hair to reactivate pomade for restyling purposes
After Shave
  • Spray on palms, then spread on skin for cooling effect, soothing chafed skin and preventing infection (thanks to Aloe Vera Leaf Extract)
Body Mist
  • Spritz generously on body for long lasting, refreshing fragrance and to nourish skin. (non-sticky, skin has a nice aura after a while)