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Quincy - Special Edition Hot Rod Pomade 150ml



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150ml / 5 oz

Water Soluble Pomade

The fourth in Quincy's Limited Edition Pomades, is the highly-anticipated HOT ROD which pays tribute and takes artistic references from the era of the Kustom Kulture / vintage American muscle car/ drag racing scene in 1950s USA.

Gracing the tin cover is custom artwork of a souped up blown engine chevy done by the talented graphics artists and designers from Defy Empire Premium Eyewear.

Inheriting all of the same good formula from Quincy Premium Pomade Original, the HOT ROD has features like the heavy weight, strong hold, medium shine, water soluble properties. It is also pliable (adjustable), holds for at least half a day and is heat and humidity capable. The signature ingredient that makes a debut in this product is argan oil which is responsible for excellent hair and scalp care, and natural lasting sheen.

Signature scent is a refreshing, mildly sweet fragrance which reminds us of the sangria fruit punches at summer parties. This pomade is presented with an old school transmission fluid red colourway. Fire it up! Prepared to be a fast seller, we hope you can lay your hands on this baby at least once, or if you can, grab a bunch and share the love.

- Water soluble
- Heavy-weight formula
- Summer party sangria fruit punch scent
- Medium Shine
- Strong hold
- Able to restyle
- Does not flake or dry out
- Non greasy formula
- Handles heat and humidity well
- Styles pompadours, slickbacks and even mohawks with ease


- Take a 10cent amount and spread between palms
- Spread product into hair
- Use a brush to spread the product more evenly
- Use fingers or comb to style into desired style
- Add more if required